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This stunning starburst mirror is cut in a perfect circle, then artfully finished with angled segments of individually cut premium mirror glass, this large circle mirror is the perfect statement piece for your home.

01. 90cm x 60cm.
02. 100cm x 70cm
03. 120cm x 80cm.

An excellent quality wall mirror which will make you keep looking at the crystal-clear reflections you find in this stunning silver mirror. Finished to the highest quality, this starburst mirror is truly built to last.

The perfect finishing touch for any modern home, this unique starburst mirror will bounce light around your rooms like nothing else. Effortlessly chic, with just a hint of Art Deco, it makes a real statement.

This mirror will be supplied with 4 manufacturer fitted D-Hooks on the back of the frame. These hooks will be positioned both landscape and portrait to allow mounting both ways. These are to be hung directly from screws in the wall equidistant to the centre of the D-Rings.