Wall Mirror Triple Bar Frame Bevelled Edged 90 X 60cm

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Stunning modern, silver, triple bevelled edge, Venetian mirror, will add style and character to any room from the living room to the bedroom, and will even make a chic bathroom mirror. With a triple silver outline and bevelled glass, this mirror brings any room alive with its modern design and will be a real focal point for your home. This has an overall size of 2ft x 3ft (60cm x 90cm), and can be hung either landscape or portrait.

• Overall Size
• 90.0cm x 60.0cm Approx 35" x 23"Approx
• Depth: 20mm Approx
• Internal Mirror Glass Size
• 74.0cm x 45.0cm Approx 29.0" x 18.0" Approx
• Aprox weight: 10kg

This mirror will be supplied with 4 manufacturer fitted D-Hooks on the back of the frame. These hooks will be positioned both landscape and portrait to allow mounting both ways. These are to be hung directly from screws in the wall equidistant to the centre of the D-Rings. DO NOT USE STRING. We do not supply screws or rawl plugs with this item

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